Natural Born Killers

Natural Born Killers

DVD - 2000
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Fugitive lovers Mickey and Mallory Knox kill lots of people, and become media superstars.


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Feb 17, 2020

It’s interesting to watch this film again 20 years later in 2020.
I recall Quentin Tarantino had quite a few interviews and received quite a bit of backlash for it, as it kept selling out in theatres all over the Country. His point was to show how the media romances violence and how humans are obsessed with murder.
Now Eminem’s new album just came out “Music To Be Murdered By” this month, showing America’s violence still.
Something to ponder.
Oops, Oliver Stone directed, I thought Quentin T produced. It’s his type of film, my bad

👼 I laugh at the people who start right out by complaining that there aren't any likable characters in a movie. And it's true, if the purpose of movies is to hold up adorable, sweet people we should all look up to and think of as role models, then this movie is a total failure. But if the purpose of a movie is something else, this one may have a chance.
I was surprised to see that a Director's Cut of this flick exists. I wouldn't have thought there could be anything left out of it.

Dec 12, 2018

Directed by Oliver Stone in 1994 based on an original screenplay by Quentin Tarantino, this American satirical crime-comedy depicts the activities of mass-murder couple.
Although I love Oliver Stone's movies, this one seems one of the worst films he has made so far.
Definitely B movie if not a flop.
Too much graphic violence with no meaningful substance!

Mar 01, 2015

It's so very easy to understand how someone (like myself) could totally hate Natural Born Killers to the max. I mean, just for sickening starters, there wasn't one, single, solitary character in this entire film who was even remotely likable.

As an offering to the masses, Natural Born Killers was director Oliver Stone's perversely twisted satire on America's insatiable infatuation with crime and brutality.

With a bludgeon firmly in hand, Stone delivered his derisive points on the subject of media-mania early on in the film. The rest of the picture was just a madman's fury, all hollow, reverberated echo, over and over and over.

Even the hyper-kinetic, psychedelically inspired, 60s film-making style of Natural Born Killers became boring and repetitious far too quickly.

Prior to its initial release back in 1994, a whopping total of 150 cuts to the final product were ordered before Natural Born Killers could receive an "R" rating.

Sep 16, 2014

(All-time "Most Irritating Movie-Quote Ever") - Mallory to Mickey - "Bad! Bad! Bad! Bad! Bad!"

If nothing else - I'd say that this impotent, white-trash, Romeo & Juliet story certainly earned itself a couple of loud & robust "Bronx Cheers" for its efforts to at least try to say something relevant, but (inevitably) failing miserably to deliver (thanks, of course, to its disease-minded screenwriter, Quentin Tarantino).

With its cynical "Tabloid" mentality, Natural Born Killers (NBK, for short), stands tall as one of the most over-the-top, narrow-minded statements about the insatiable American media-machine (and its on-going love affair with its most sadistic and deranged citizens) that I've ever seen.

If you were to completely strip away the novelty of NBK's often-impressive camera-work, along with its pseudo-psychedelic imagery, then about the only thing you'd be left with would be a truly dismal story about a bunch of despicable characters who aren't even worth the slightest bit of notice.

Featuring a non-stop barrage of "in-your-face" violence & brutality (for the sake of itself), I think that director Oliver Stone clearly missed the mark in the realm of sick & twisted humour.... In NBK, Homicide detectives sniff discarded women's underwear for "evidence" and its serial killers' victims are all looked upon as people who deserved to be murdered.

Mocha6ft3 Aug 02, 2012

After seeing Woody Harrelson in "Cheers" for many years, it was very suprising to me to see him as a serial killer in this film. And he does a very good job. I must talk about the sound in this movie. It's off the hook! From the soundtrack to the explosive gun shots, this movie will make "Sound Freaks" quite happy. Which is why you should play this movie on your HOMETHEATER!!! I was quite surprised by the sounds in this movie and believed it should be for all around sound. But watching it more than once convinced me that this is a very good audio and video experience. The visuals in this movie is what my friend said is"far out" I have to mention Robert Downey Jr. He's a fine actor and plays his part to the tee. So does Juliette Lewis. I'm giving this crazy far out movie 5 stars!!!!!! A great cast, good story, good visual effects, very good audio effects, and memorable characters. Filet of fish on whole wheat bread, home fries, corn, and ginger ale.

Sep 12, 2011



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Sep 16, 2014

Frightening or Intense Scenes: Killers on a murder-spree.

Sep 16, 2014

Sexual Content: Incest and rape are the name of the game.

Sep 16, 2014

Violence: A literal gore-fest of violence and brutality.

Sep 16, 2014

Coarse Language: You name it! They say it!


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