Back in 1959 - It's natural to see why the Hollywood big-wigs (who were pushing this picture) figured that they were sitting on a total gold mine here. With a stellar cast, headlined by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Katharine Hepburn, and Montgomery Clift, this film was a guaranteed box-office bonanza. One couldn't possibly go wrong with this class of star-studded royalty in their film. They couldn't - or - Could they?

Had the Hays Code (film censorship) not been in effect for Suddenly Last Summer's release it's hard to determine how the finished product would have looked.

But, it sure seems to me that the whole premise of this picture was to continually skirt around, and around, and around (ho-hum), but never, ever reveal the deep, dark secret that led to the violent murder of the lecherous Sebastian character. This didn't come about until the absolute bitter end.... (Was anyone still awake at this point?)

When this "ghastly" revelation is finally exposed in the light of day it comes across as being nothing but a major disappointment. (But, of course, that's by today's standards)

Anyway - The Hays Code was inevitably abolished in 1960, opening the door for such films as "Psycho", "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", and, the likes, to be released without much censorship intervention.

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