The Disaster Artist
The Disaster Artist Based on A True Story DVD - 2018

I'm not a huge fan of the Franco Brothers, Seth Rogen, and CO, but this movie took me entirely by surprise in part to the great chemistry between James Franco (as the clueless and vain Tommy Wiseau) and his real-life brother Dave Franco (as actor Greg Sestero, who played "Mark" in Wiseau's $6 million vanity project "The Room").

Seth Rogen was also great as the script supervisor who gets so mad at Wiseau for very much everything that went wrong with "The Room" that he wanted to take full responsibility and make "The Room" a better movie, but of course that never happened.

This movie is great in its own right because of its depiction of how hard it takes for an individual to achieve one's dreams. However in the case of the infamous Tommy Wiseau (if this is his actual name), he is a clear example of a desire that went wrong, but is achieved after all.

Mind you, I've never read Greg Sestero's memoir (of which this film is based off of) nor seen Wiseau's cult classic (although I may at some point), but if you are looking for something similar like "The Disaster Artist", watch "Ed Wood", a biopic about a clueless figure who was very much like Wiseau.

(In fact in some interviews, the real Tommy Wiseau wanted Johnny Depp, who played Ed Wood in the biopic about him, to play him in "The Disaster Artist", which in my opinion would have been interesting even though like James Franco, I'm not a huge fan of Johnny Depp as well.)

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