The Disaster Artist
The Disaster Artist Based on A True Story DVD - 2018

This is a fun film about chasing your dreams, and failing big time, sorta. Quite faithful to Greg Sestero's book, this is the story of the friendship between two aspiring actors, Sestero and Tommy Wiseau, and how they pushed each other to never give up. It's a weird story centered around a weird guy, but there is some real heart here, as in the book. Dave Franco as Sestero is easy to like, and it's clear to see what Sestero found interesting about Wiseau. Not unlike Tim Burton's film Ed Wood, a lot of this movie is about how a strange but determined director pulled people into his orbit, and defied the odds by making a movie that really shouldn't have been made. When Wiseau, who has a mysteriously unlimited supply of money, writes, directs, and stars in The Room, all the problems of the shoot are here, hilariously visible to everyone but Wiseau, who is concerned that people may be laughing at him, but doesn't understand why. Seth Rogen has a key role as the seasoned movie veteran who finds himself in the eye of the hurricane of Wiseau weirdness. This movie was very funny.

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