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liliyalat added a title to their For later shelf Apr 05 2021
Baker & Taylor"A warm, incisive new novel about the enduring bonds of marriage and friendship from Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney, author of the instant New York Times bestseller The Nest"--HARPERCOLLAN INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERA Read with Jenna...
liliyalat added a title to their For later shelf Feb 09 2021
"The "trans" epidemic sweeping teenage girls. Until just a few years ago, gender dysphoria -- severe discomfort in one's biological sex -- was vanishingly rare. It was typically found in less than .01 percent of the population, emerged in early...
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DVD - 2016
Henry has a vested interest in studying the dead: He is immortal, and only his best friend and confidant, Abe, full of life at age 75, knows Henry's secret. Henry hasn't aged at all since the clock stopped 200 years ago, but he's managed to be...
liliyalat added a title to their In progress shelf Nov 13 2020
Penguin PutnamInstant USA Today bestseller!“Abbi Waxman is both irreverent and thoughtful.”—#1New York Timesbestselling author Emily Giffin“Meet our bookish millennial heroine—a modern-day Elizabeth Bennet, if you will… Waxman’s wit and wry...
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Nov 13 2020
"Perhaps my expectations were too high. Found it tried too hard to be witty, also surprisingly shallow. Just didn’t find it finish worthy." Permalink
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