Nov 05, 2020indigo_wolf_391 rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
A disease known as IAAN has killed 92% of America’s children leaving the remaining 8% with strange abilities. This series follows Ruby Daly, who wakes up on her tenth birthday to find that her parents dont know who she is. Unable to run she is shipped off to thermund, one of the many abusive rehabilitation camps. She is able to slip through processing and get labeled as a green which allows her to survive for the next six years. But after being offered escape by the children's league(an undercover organisation trying to free all the kids) she has to choose, run or stay with the girls from her cabin and hope they dont discover her. This book series is the most well thought out trilogy I have ever read. Bracken writes as if the setting is happening in our current world, making this series much more gripping and relatable. With a diverse group of characters and uncalled for twists this book and trilogy are sure to be a favorite. I originally picked up this series after watching the 2018 movie and was blown away by how much better the books are. I don't think I could recommend or love this series more.