Dec 28, 2020readingfairy rated this title 2 out of 5 stars
Here's a word to describe this book: Perturbing. Now perhaps you like being unsettled in this way, which I guess is why there are whole genres of these kinds of books. Maybe for what it is, Annihilation is a good book. But this is my first (and most likely last) time reading this genre, so take my comments with a grain of salt. Let's start with what I did enjoy: the experience of a new and puzzling genre and the premise of exploring an unknown world with mystifying secrets. I just got bored on the journey! There was little action compared to the pages and pages of the narrator describing her childhood, her relationship with her husband, her scientific studies. Yawn. And the concept was so unreal that it didn't keep me engaged and definitely has not interested me in the rest of the trilogy. I also didn't like the way it reads like a dream. And not in the romantic sense of the word—I mean an actual dream: weird, vague, all-over-the-place; a hazy nightmare. I feel like there are deeper themes, but too vague or ambiguous for me to really understand which only made me feel stupid. But these are only my feelings about the book, and I see many others have really enjoyed it.