The Alchemyst

the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel
Jun 25, 2021Delta_07 rated this title 2.5 out of 5 stars
Teenage twins Sophie and Josh Newman are working at their summer jobs in San Francisco when a powerful, immortal magician attacks. Sophie and Josh quickly learn that myth and legend are seeded with truth and that magic is very real and very dangerous. This book was slightly underwhelming. Though the characters and the world are very interesting, the pacing felt too fast. This book was so action-packed from the beginning that I did not have time to get to know the characters or world. Due to this, I did not really connect with either until quite a ways in. The constant battles and fights also felt low stakes, as they managed to continue despite supposedly powerful attacks. The stakes do get upped later on, but it felt unrealistic at first. Finally, though I found the world interesting, I did not enjoy how it was presented. The author tended to dump large amounts of information about the world and the magic system in one go, breaking up the flow of the book. There are positives, though. Once I understood the magic and the characters, I enjoyed them. I think that Sophie and Josh’s struggles were realistic for two teens suddenly swept up in a fantastical world. I especially liked Josh’s struggles with jealousy and mistrust. Furthermore, I like how history and mythology was woven in to the story, making the magical, hidden world feel more believable. All in all, while it had some good elements, and I will be carrying on with the series, this was not a standout book.