Jul 26, 2021Delta_07 rated this title 3 out of 5 stars
Before the infamous Queen of Hearts terrorized Wonderland, she was just a teenage girl. Catherine, heir to Rockturtle Cove, wants nothing more than to open a bakery with her best friend, but as a young woman who has caught the eye of the king, she has little hope of doing so. One night, though, she encounters the enigmatic, charming court joker, Jest, and is swept off her feet by their forbidden romance. Cath is determined to do what she wants, however, with the king about to ask for her hand in marriage and a mysterious monster ravaging Hearts, fate seems determined for her to do otherwise. This book was slightly disappointing. I loved the mystery and the whimsical setting of Hearts, where you can notice characters from the original Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I also liked how the romance had a sense of desperation, due to its forbidden nature. However, I found the main character to be very annoying at times. While Cath is relatable and compassionate, she is also extremely critical and even condescending at times. She is quick to judge and criticize other characters whom she dislikes, and sometimes comes off as spoiled. She also falls into the ‘I’m not like other girls’ trope, which lends to her criticism of others. However, the plot and setting are enjoyable, and you’ll very likely end up craving one of Cath’s delectable sweets. Ultimately, while most of the book is enjoyable, the protagonist is a frustrating character.