What No One Is Telling You
Jan 01, 2015user2020 rated this title 0.5 out of 5 stars
- Fat: What No One Is Telling You (including the makers of this documentary) - this doc provides no relevant information on the common physiological reasons of weight gain. - it offers no legitimately known solution to people who have weight issues (I recommend viewing the Fat Head documentary). - it talks in circles and goes nowhere productive for the viewer. - Lee Kaplan, MD, PhD instills the idea that weight gain is a mysterious phenomenon that is so complex that there is not hope for man or science to understand it within the next 200 years. - Fat: suggests that the only thing overweight people can do in the hopes of losing weight is to exercise endlessly but even this will be futile. - Fat: promotes medical surgery as the only solution and coincidently the GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical company was behind the making of this video. - Fat: features the controversial Dr. Nancy Snyderman who is mostly about show business. Snyderman has a history of dishing out harmful and dangerous medical advice. Snyderman increases corporate profits which in turn increase her own. - Kaplan is manipulating with much that he said, he is very misleading, buyer beware. - overall this is an unhealthy video for the unwitting